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Welcome to Aardwolf Pest Control & Wildlife Management Services

At Aardwolf Pest Control we offer a comprehensive range of pest control and wildlife management services, delivered to the highest standards by professional staff that are:


    >Trained by NPTC


    >A Member of The Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management


    >Open Section 1 Firearms Licensed


    >Fluent in Special Licensing with Natural England


 All pest and wildlife situations can be dealt with in a quick and professional manner, whether it's treating a wasp’s nest, deer culling or SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) management, we know we can offer you a first class service.


When you have a pest control problem – whether it’s your home or business – you want the reassurance that your infestation will be dealt with quickly, efficiently and discreetly.


Because we at Aardwolf Pest Control understand how stressful and frustrating a pest problem can be, we offer a rapid response service to deal with your pest problem.


The aim of our pest control service is to prevent harm to human health and property by pests.


Some pests are seasonal, for example wasps, ants, beetles and flies tend to be a bigger problem in the spring, summer and autumn.


Rats and Mice can appear at any time of the year but may be more active in homes during the winter months.


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Terms & Conditions

All accounts are payable within 28 days of the date of the invoice.

An admin charge of up to £50 per item may be applied at any time by the company



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